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Building Industries
- Loading bay bumpers
- Column guards
- Carpark angle guards
- Speed humps
- Parking kerbs
- Interlocking H tiles made from recycled tyres
- Blind man's mat

Construction Industries
- Rubber waterstops complete with intersections and joining services for dams, pools and reservoirs
- Sewage seals
- Compression seals
- Cylindrical, square, arch and D fenders for jetties

- Expansion joints
- Bridge bearing pads and strips

Mining Industries
- High abrasion resistant rubber sheeting
- Rubber lining of tanks with corrosion resistant rubber
- Rubber lining and grooving of pulley laggings
- Rubber skirting for protecting conveyor belts
- Rubber channels for vibration isolation
- Large jig diaphragms
- Pump casings and impellers

Oil and Gas Industries
- Rubber lining of riser clamps and pipes

Industrial and General Rubber Goods
- NVH sheets
- Car mats and mud flaps
- Stable mats
- Vibration isolators
- Colored shoe soles
- Rubber lining of rollers
- Hand built rubber products

Rubber Compounding Services
- Mixing of Black and colored compounds
- Wigwag, cut slabs, strip, extruded or calendered forms
- Compound development and testing
- Wide range of polymers including NR, SBR, BR, EPDM, NBR, CR

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