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1) What is your mixing capacity?
We have a 200 litre banbury mixer and a 75 litre K4 intermix. We can easily produce 300 tons of compound per month.

2) What is the difference between the banbury mixer and K4 intermixer?
The banbury mixer has tangential rotors which is ideal for tyre compounds while the K4 intermixer has intermeshing rotors which is ideal for EPDM and technical compounds.

3) Can you mix colour compounds?
We have a dedicated 75 liter banbury mixer for colour compounds only. We can also mix smaller quantities of colour compounds using the 2 roll mill.

4) What is your minimum order quantity?
The minimum order quantity depends on the size of the mixer. This is typically 60 kgs for the 75 liter  K4 intermixer.

1) What is the largest width which you can calender?
We have an inverted L calender which has a 68" (1700 mm) roll length.

1) What is the biggest size which you can mould?
We can mould  articles 7' x 3.5' (2.1m x 1m) or 5' x 5' (1.5m x 1.5m)

2) Do you mould small runs?
We do mould small runs and have thousands of moulds from past projects. There is a chance that we may moulds for the products you are looking for.

1) Do you do contract manufacturing?
Yes and it is indeed our speciality. We can also jointly develop and manufacture new products for new markets. We also look forward to work with overseas rubber companies who find that it is too expensive to produce in their own countries due to high costs. Instead of scrapping the product line, we can manufacture these products using our facilities and market it locally and export it back to them or even send directly to their customers. This is a win win situation for both both companies.


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