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Custom Compounding

Rubber compounds which we mix using our mixers are for in house use to manufacture various types of rubber products. We of course have a lot of spare mixing capacity where we can do custom compounding for customers who wish to outsource their mixing due to high capital cost of setting up a mixing line and also due to the tough environmental laws especially in the more advanced countries. The compound viscosity and cure characteristics can be tested using our mooney viscometer and rheometer respectively. Material properties can be testing using the Instron tensile machine. This ensures that the compound reaches our customers which will then manufacture the rubber products according to specification.

Custom Calendering

We have several valendering lines which has been used to calender rubber sheetings, frictioning of fabric and recently used to calender thermoplastic elastomers. We are still working to improve the calendering process and hope to calender thick rubber sheets by a plying process and also to do toppings of fabrics.

The calendered rubber sheets depending on the type of rubber compounds used are used for lining onto metal parts and tanks to protect it from abrasion from slurries or protect it from corrosion. Rubber frictioned or topped with fabric is used in the manufacture of hoses and moulded articles.

Custom Extrusion

We have a range of extruders with screw sizes ranging from 1" to 8.5" diameter. These extruders are used to extrude rubber profiles which are then vulcanized by steam or in a hot oil bath. The extruders can also be used to extrude rubber blanks for the moulding process and large extruders can also be used to strain rubber compounds to ensure that it is free from dirt. We are able to design and text the extrusion dies.

Custom Moulding

We have a large range of compression moulding presses from 12" x 12 " to 60 " x 60 " and 84" x 36" where we are able to mould small and large articles. We are also able to manufacture or outsource the tooling if it is not provided by the customers.

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